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Barium Carbonate

Barium carbonate
Electronic Grade Barium Carbonate
Chemical Name: Electronic Grade Barium Carbonate
Chemical Formula:BaCO3
Properties: White rhombic crystal or powder
Application: 1. Mainly used in the production of PTC thermal electronic components, chip components, semiconductor capacitors, etc. 2. Analysis of calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron, determination of halogen in organic matter. It is used in barium salt, pigment, pyrotechnic and signal bomb, optical glass, rodenticide, pottery, porcelain, filler and water clarifier. 3. It is used as raw material of electronic industry, used to prepare capacitors, PTC electronic components, positive temperature coefficient thermistor, etc. 4. Used as analytical reagent, preparation of firework and signal bomb fuel, auxiliary material of ceramic coating and optical glass.
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