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Hubei Yidu: "Credit Cultivation" Boosts the Development of High Quality

"The production line is being tested. Once the product is released, the 30 million yuan bank loan will be in place immediately!" On May 6, at the new Huahao New Material factory in Hubei Yidu Chemical Park, the company’s chairman Lin Fu "stared" at the workshop day and night. , Both anxious and excited.

Market development forecast of China's barium chloride industry in 2021

According to the "China's Barium Chloride Market Research and Investment Strategy Report (2019 Edition)" released by Limu Information Consulting, barium chemicals (barium salt products) in the barium salt industry are an important field in the chemical industry and belong to the basic chemical raw material industry. The field is very wide, and with the technological progress, social and economic development needs, the application field is changed, and the product variety is also more subdivided.

2021 China's barium salt industry market prospect analysis

my country is rich in barium ore resources. It is predicted that the total resource reserves exceed 1 billion tons, and the grade of barium ore is relatively high. The reserves and output of barium ore currently rank first in the world, which is a favorable condition for the development of barium salt products. my country's carbonate-type barium deposits, namely toxite deposits, are located in Hanzhong and Ziyang across Shaanxi Province and extend to a large area of ​​Sichuan Province. They have large reserves and high grades, and have extremely important industrial development value. Compared with the foreign raw material market, our poisonous heavy stone powder has the characteristics of low raw material price and low labor cost. Therefore, the production cost of the entire barium chloride is low, and it has a competitive advantage in the international market.

What is the specific identification method of various specifications and models of barium sulfate

Medical staff are generally familiar with barium sulfate, because it is mainly used for gastrointestinal imaging and is a basic medicine. Barium sulfate is extracted from barite, and then precipitated barium sulfate, ultra-fine barium sulfate, high-luminance barium sulfate, etc. are produced according to its use. The use of barium sulfate is not limited to medicinal use, but can also be used in many ways, but it is also of quality, so be sure to keep your eyes bright. Recrystallized stone manufacturers teach you how to identify barium sulfate?

2021-2020 China's barium chloride market survey research and industry investment potential forecast report

This report was launched by the Huajing Industry Research Institute. It analyzes the development status, competitive landscape and market supply and demand situation of China’s barium chloride industry, and analyzes the industry’s policy environment, economic environment, social environment, and technological environment. Analyze the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. It also focuses on analyzing the operating status and development pattern of key enterprises, and professionally predicts the development trend of the industry in the next few years. Provide professional guidance and suggestions for enterprises, scientific research, investment institutions and other units to understand the latest development trends and competitive landscape of the industry, and grasp the future development direction of the industry.

Introduction of several methods to check whether barium hydroxide solid is deteriorated

1. Adding hydrochloric acid to the solid sodium hydroxide, if there are bubbles, it means the deterioration, because the solid sodium hydroxide will release a lot of heat when it dissolves, and it is a strong base, hydrochloric acid is a strong acid, and strong acid and strong alkali are also exothermic reactions. If the concentration of hydrochloric acid is above 1mol/L, it will directly react with the solid sodium hydroxide, and the hydrochloric acid will be boiled directly, so even if there is no deterioration, there will be a lot of water vapor and bubbles, which will interfere! It is best to first dissolve the sodium hydroxide, prepare a solution, and use a lower concentration of hydrochloric acid, or simply use a weak acid directly.
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